The Governor’s Cabinet

Department of Accounting and General Services

  • Roderick K. Becker, Comptroller
  • Audrey Hidano, Deputy Comptroller

Department of Agriculture

  • Scott Enright, Board of Agriculture Chairman
  • Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser, Deputy to the Chair

Department of the Attorney General

  • Russell Suzuki,  Attorney General
  • Dana Viola, First Deputy

Department of Budget and Finance

  • Laurel Johnston, Director
  • Ken Kitamura, Deputy Director

Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism

  • Luis P. Salaveria, Director
  • Mary Alice Evans, Deputy Director

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

  • Catherine Awakuni Colón, Director
  • Jo Ann Uchida Takeuchi, Deputy Director

Department of Defense

  • Major General Arthur “Joe” Logan, Adjutant General
  • Brigadier General Kenneth Hara, Deputy Adjutant General

Department of Education

  • Christina Kishimoto, Superintendent
  • Phyllis Unebasami, Deputy Superintendent

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

  • Jobie Masagatani, Hawaiian Homes Commission Chair
  • William Aila Jr., Deputy to the Chair

Department of Health

  • Bruce Anderson, Director
  • Keith Yamamoto, First Deputy Director
  • Danette Wong Tomiyasu, Deputy Director for Health Resources Administration
  • Lynn Fallin, Deputy Director for Behavioral Health Administration
  • Keith Kawaoka, Deputy Director for Environmental Health Administration

Department of Human Resources Development

  • Ryker Wada, Director
  • Jason Minami, Deputy Director

Department of Human Services

  • Pankaj Bhanot, Director
  • Catherine Betts, Deputy Director

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

  • Leonard Hoshijo, Director

Department of Land and Natural Resources

  • Suzanne Case, Chair
  • Robert K. Masuda, First Deputy Director
  • Jeffrey T. Pearson, P.E., Deputy Director for the Commission on Water Resource Management

Lieutenant Governor

  • Josh Green, Lieutenant Governor
  • , Chief of Staff

Department of Public Safety

  • Nolan Espinda, Director
  • Cathy Ross, Deputy Director for Administration
  • Renee Sonobe Hong, Deputy Director for Law Enforcement
  • Jodie Maesaka-Hirata,  Deputy Director for Corrections

Department of Taxation

  • Linda Chu Takayama, Director
  • Damien Elefante, Deputy Director

Department of Transportation

  • Jade Butay, Director
  • Roy Catalani, Deputy Director for Administration
  • Ross Higashi, Deputy Director for Airports
  • Darrell T. Young, Deputy Director for Harbors
  • Ed Sniffen, Deputy Director for Highways

Office of Enterprise Technology Services

  • Todd Nacapuy, Chief Information Officer

University of Hawaii

  • David Lassner, President
  • Kalbert Young, Vice President for Budget and Finance/ Chief Financial Officer