2016 Acts

Act 2, SB805, 3/28/2016

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 in 2016 Acts

RELATING TO HEALTH. Removes the sunset provision from Act 255, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012, relating to the definitions of “the practice of nursing as a licensed practical nurse” and “the practice of nursing as a registered nurse”. Act 2, SB805

Act 1, HB2720, 2/23/16

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 in 2016 Acts

Legislative Appropriations ($) MAKING APPROPRIATIONS TO PROVIDE FOR THE EXPENSES OF THE LEGISLATURE, THE AUDITOR, THE LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE BUREAU, THE OMBUDSMAN, AND THE ETHICS COMMISSION. Appropriates funds to provide for the expenses of the Legislature, Office of the Auditor, Legislative Reference Bureau, Office of the Ombudsman, and State Ethics Commission. ACT 1, HB2720