2016 Acts

ACT 243, HB1050 SD2 CD1, 7/12/2016

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RELATING TO INTERISLAND MOVEMENT OF INVASIVE SPECIES Mandates the Department of Agriculture to perform specified tasks to address the interisland spread of invasive species. Requires annual report. Requires the Auditor to audit the Plant Quarantine Branch. Makes appropriations. (HB1050 CD1) ACT 243, HB1050 SD2 CD1

RELATING TO MEDICINES Allows for and regulates the dispensing of interchangeable biological products. Requires pharmacists to inform consumers of interchangeable biological products from the Hawaii list when filling a prescription order and to communicate the product name and manufacturer to the practitioner after dispensing the product. Repeals the Drug Product Selection Board. (HB254 CD1) ACT ...
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RELATING TO GOVERNMENT PROCESSES AND SERVICES Establishes guidelines for the management of capital improvement projects. Requires DAGS to submit a status report to the legislature. (HB2018 CD1) ACT 241, HB2018 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO WATER POLLUTION Clarifies that nonprofit organizations may receive loans from the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund to engage in activities that are consistent with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, including the planning, design, and construction of wastewater treatment works. (HB1852 CD1) ACT 240, HB1852 HD1 SD1 CD1

ACT 239, SB2583 HD1 CD1, 7/12/2016

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RELATING TO COMPOSTING TOILETS Mandates the counties to approve the installation and use of composting toilets in areas that are inaccessible to municipal wastewater systems. (CD1) ACT 239, SB2583 HD1 CD1

ACT 238, HB1541 HD1 SD1, 7/12/2016

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RELATING TO PLANNED COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS Amends various proxy statement requirements for planned community associations to promote communication from prospective board of directors candidates to all owners when proxies are used for elections of directors; standardize the proxy form; and prohibit managing agents, resident managers, and employees thereof from soliciting or casting proxy votes at meetings ...
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RELATING TO SCHOOLS Clarifies that developers of certain projects are subject to school impact fees, even when the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation or a corresponding county agency participates in the development of the projects. Provides that in urban Honolulu, fee in lieu funds may be used to purchase completed construction, construct new school ...
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RELATING TO INSURANCE Establishes motor vehicle insurance requirements for transportation network companies and transportation network company drivers to take effect on 9/1/2016. Requires the Insurance Commissioner to examine the effects of this measure on personal motor vehicle insurance policy rates in the State and submit an annual report to the Legislature. Sunsets 9/1/21. (HB260 CD1) ...
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RELATING TO TAXATION Amends the income tax credit for expenses for household and dependent care services necessary for gainful employment by changing the manner for determining the taxpayer’s applicable percentage of employment-related expenses that constitutes the tax credit. (HB1702 CD1) ACT 235, HB1702 HD1 SD1 CD1      

RELATING TO HOMELESSNESS. Establishes minimum requirements for emergency shelters. Requires homeless shelter stipends to be paid for achievement of performance measures. Repeals the automatic annual adjustment of homeless shelter stipend amounts. Revises existing provisions on the establishment and collection of shelter and service payments from homeless families and individuals. Requires homeless service provider agencies to ...
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