Healthcare Transformation

HeathcareTransPlanThumbnailThe Healthcare Transformation program in the Office of the Governor is developing strategies for significant, positive change in delivering and paying for healthcare in Hawaii.

These strategies will be supported by the power of information technology and data analysis, new healthcare workforce models, and coordinated, focused public policy and programs.

Our healthcare transformation mission is the Triple Aim of better health, reliably high quality, and sustainable costs. In meeting this mission, we will address the unique cultural and geographic attributes of our communities statewide.

Click here for more information about Hawaii’s healthcare transformation initiative and to read the “Hawaii State Healthcare Innovation Plan.”

For federal grants awarded to the Governor’s Healthcare Transformation program and sub-granted or passed-through via Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement or contract, the upper limit for indirect cost rate for FY2014-15 shall be a maximum of 10 percent of direct salaries and wages (exclusive of fringe benefits).


Kolea – The Hawaii State Department of Human Services’ new Medicaid eligibility and application website, successfully launched Oct. 1, 2013.

Hawaii Health Connector – A component of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Hawaii Health Connector is a nonprofit entity created by the 2011 Hawaii State Legislature (Act 205) to serve as a one-stop insurance marketplace where individuals and small businesses may choose from an array of private and national health coverage plans. While not a state operation, the Connector is a key component of the ACA and works cooperatively with state agencies to ensure the new marketplace is easy to understand, navigate and use in purchasing health insurance.

More information on ACA: