Office of the Governor

Executive Administration

  • Bruce Coppa, Chief of Staff
  • Blake Oshiro, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Marvin Wong, Special Assistant to the Governor
  • C. Mike Kido, Legislative Advisor
  • Deidre Tegarden, Protocol Officer
  • Vicki Borges, Scheduler
  • Kathleen Chapman, Executive Assistant to the Governor
  • Amy Luke, Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff
  • Reena Rabago, Executive Assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Glenda Paige, Workflow System Manager


  • Christine Hirasa, Director of Communications
  • Keith DeMello, Deputy Director of Communications
  • Justin Fujioka, Press Secretary
  • Tyler Kruse, Communications and Digital Media Specialist


  • Kendra Oishi, Director of Policy
  • Michael Ng, Policy Analyst
  • Debbie Shimizu, Policy Analyst
  • Yvonne Lau, Policy Analyst
  • Josh Frost, Policy Assistant

Healthcare Transformation

  • Beth Giesting, Healthcare Transformation Coordinator
  • Arlene Ige, Affordable Care Implementation Manager
  • Joy Soares, Policy Analyst
  • Erik Tollefson, Policy Analyst

Early Learning

  • GG Weisenfeld, Director, Executive Office of Early Learning
  • Christine Jackson, Director, Headstart Collaborator
  • Deanne Goya, Project Manager
  • Wimmie Wong Lui, Policy Analyst
  • Kerrie Urosevich, Action Strategy Coordinator
  • Kaleilani Keolanui, Administrative Assistant

Constituent Services

  • Renee Sambueno, Director of Constituent Services
  • Nora Graham, Constituent Services Representative III
  • Monica Chapman, Constituent Services Representative II
  • Matthew Won, Constituent Services Representative II
  • Richard Rodrigues, Constituent Services/Capitol Tours Assistant

Boards & Commissions

  • Jayson Muraki, Manager of Boards & Commissions
  • Michael Yadao, Boards & Commissions Research Coordinator


  • Allicyn Tasaka, Director of Operations
  • Krystle Hara, Administrative Services Officer
  • Lyle Maesaka, Information Systems Coordinator
  • Beverly Lum, Executive Receptionist
  • Rachel Anderson, Executive Receptionist

Office of Collective Bargaining

  • Neil Dietz, Chief Negotiator

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