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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30, 2015 HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed four bills into law Tuesday, during bill signing ceremonies at the State Capitol. The bills include: HB 207 (Act 169) Relating to Training: Requires certain state councils, boards and commissions to attend a legal training course administered by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs ...
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Arthrogryposis Awareness Day

Posted on Jun 30, 2015 in Proclamations

RELATING TO MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVER LICENSING. Creates a limited purpose driver’s license, limited purpose provisional driver’s license, and limited purpose instruction permit. Provides that limited purpose driver’s licenses, limited purpose provisional driver’s licenses, and limited purpose instruction permits shall not be acceptable for federal identification and voting purposes. Requires satisfactory proof of identity and Hawaii ...
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RELATING TO THE PENAL CODE. Clarifies that preparation, burial, or cremation of a corpse in a manner consistent with traditional Hawaiian cultural customs and practices shall not constitute the offense of abuse of a corpse. (SB1166 HD2)

RELATING TO THE BUDGET OF THE OFFICE OF HAWAIIAN AFFAIRS. Appropriates funds for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for the fiscal biennium beginning July 1, 2015, and ending June 30, 2017. (HB209 CD1)

RELATING TO TRAINING. Requires Office of Hawaiian Affairs to administer a training course on native Hawaiian and Hawaiian rights. Requires members of certain state councils, boards, and commissions to attend the training course. (HB207 CD1)

RELATING TO WORKERS’ COMPENSATION. Requires injured public employees who are eligible to take part in an employer’s return to work program do so as a prerequisite to receiving vocational rehabilitation through workers’ compensation coverage. (HB1268 CD1)

RELATING TO WAGES AND HOURS ON PUBLIC WORKS LAW. Ensures confidentiality of a complainant in an investigation of wage and hour violations for public works projects. (HB952 CD1)

RELATING TO WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT. Establishes the Hawaii Healthcare Workforce Advisory Board to help increase and strengthen the healthcare workforce in the State. Allows the director of labor and industrial relations to establish additional workforce advisory boards. (HB696 CD1)

RELATING TO WAGES AND HOURS ON PUBLIC WORKS. Allows overtime compensation on public works projects to exceed time and one-half and specifies that if the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations determines that a prevailing wage is defined by collective bargaining, overtime will be at rates set by the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Specifies that ...
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