2021 Acts

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ACT 013, SB1194 SD1 HD2, 5/7/2021
Provides emergency appropriations in fiscal year 2020-2021 to the department of public safety to continue funding for various COVID-19 response related programs and activities. (HD2)
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ACT 012, SB1187 SD2 HD2, 5/7/2021
Makes an emergency appropriation to provide funds for the department of public safety to cover the costs of the personnel services shortfall at all correctional institutions statewide and health care services. (HD2)
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ACT 011, SB60 SD1 HD1 CD1, 5/6/2021
Authorizes the issuance of special number motor vehicle license plates to commemorate the Polynesian Voyaging Society. (CD1)
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ACT 010, HB189, 4/26/2021
Authorizes the Chief Justice to designate circuit court judges, retired intermediate appellate judges, or retired supreme court justices to temporarily fill a vacancy on the Intermediate Court of Appeals.
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ACT9, HB1115, 4/22/2021
Provides for the deposit into the emergency and budget reserve fund of moneys received by the State through a civil action in which the State is a party and no other law or court order specifically provides for the deposit elsewhere of moneys received through the action.
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Act 8, SB1127, SD1 HD2, 4/20/2021
MAKING AN EMERGENCY APPROPRIATION FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES. General Support for General Assistance Payments (HMS 204); Emergency Appropriation ($) Makes an emergency appropriation from the general revenues of the State of Hawaii for fiscal year 2020-2021 to address the budget shortfall for the general support for the general assistance program (HMS 204) in […]
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Act 7, HB199 HD1, 4/19/2021
RELATING TO ELECTION PROCLAMATIONS. Office of Elections Package; Election Proclamations Repeals the requirement that election proclamations contain a statement of the time and places where an election is to be held. Specifies that the county clerk, not the chief election officer, shall issue an election proclamation listing information on voter service centers and places of […]
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Act 6, HB172 HD1, 4/14/2021
RELATING TO OFFENSES AGAINST PROPERTY RIGHTS. Honolulu Police Department Package; Propelled Vehicles; Unauthorized Control Establishes the offense of unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle in the second degree, which applies if a person recklessly or negligently exerts unauthorized control over another’s propelled vehicle by operating the propelled vehicle without the owner’s consent or by changing […]
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Act 5, HB170 HD1, 4/14/2021
RELATING TO THEFT IN THE SECOND DEGREE. Honolulu Police Department Package; Penal Code; Theft in the Second Degree Amends the offense of theft in the second degree to include theft of property commonly used to store items of monetary value, including but not limited to any purse, handbag, or wallet. (HD1)
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Act 4, HB156, 4/14/2021
RELATING TO ANIMAL CONTROL SERVICES. Package; County of Kauai; Animal Control Services; Public Contracts Repeals the requirement that the County of Kauai contract solely with the Kauai Humane Society for the provision of animal control services.
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Act 3, HB576 HD3, 4/14/2021
RELATING TO HEALTH CARE. Aspiration Abortions; Advanced Practice Registered Nurses; Scope of Practice Authorizes advanced practice registered nurses to perform medication or aspiration abortions. (HD3)
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Act 2, HB1 HD1, 4/14/2021
MAKING APPROPRIATIONS TO PROVIDE FOR THE EXPENSES OF THE LEGISLATURE, THE AUDITOR, THE LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE BUREAU, THE OMBUDSMAN, AND THE ETHICS COMMISSION. Legislative Appropriations ($) Appropriates funds to provide for the expenses of the Legislature, Auditor, Legislative Reference Bureau, Ombudsman, and Ethics Commission. (HD1)
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Act 1, HB1278 HD1, 3/2/2021
RELATING TO EMPLOYMENT SECURITY. Amends the definitions of benefit year and week. Conforms the manner of filing claims for partial benefits to the same as for total or part-total benefits. Provides relief for certain reimbursable employers. Requires the director of labor and industrial relations to omit benefits charged for experience rating for employers due to […]
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