2021 Vetoes

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HB338 HD1 SD1, 7/6/21
Requires an appellate court to conduct a hearing when a conflict of interest pertaining to a judge or justice is alleged by motion of a party to any suit, action, […]
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HB58 HD1 SD1 CD1, 7/6/21
From 1/1/2022 through 12/31/2023, temporarily suspends certain general excise and use tax exemptions. Increases conveyance taxes for the sale of non-commercial properties valued at $4,000,000 or greater. Effective 1/1/2022. (HB58 […]
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HB54 HD1 SD1 CD1, 7/6/21
Effective 6/30/2021, appropriates moneys for deposit into the emergency and budget reserve fund and makes payments for other post-employment benefits. Appropriates moneys for debt service for fiscal biennium 2021-2023. (AD1)
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HB53 SD1 CD1, 7/6/21
Authorizes issuance of general obligation bonds. Makes findings required by Article VII, Section 13, of the Hawaii State Constitution to declare that the issuance of authorized bonds will not cause […]
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