2016 Vetos

RELATING TO EMPLOYMENT. Prohibits employers from requiring, requesting, or coercing employees or potential employees to provide access to their personal social media accounts, subject to certain exemptions. (HB1739 CD1) GM1332, HB1739 HD2 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO MOTOR VEHICLES. Authorizes a police officer to cause to be towed a motor vehicle if the operator is arrested or cited for certain intoxicant-related offenses. Provides exceptions. Provides notice and hearing requirements. (HB1747 CD1) GM1333, HB1747 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO TAXATION. Allows transient accommodations brokers to register as tax collection agents to collect and remit general excise and transient accommodations taxes on behalf of operators and plan managers using their services. Ensures that the subject property is in compliance with applicable land use laws. Sunsets on 12/31/2021. (HB1850 CD1) GM1334, HB1850 HD1 SD3 ...
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RELATING TO PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. Requires public retiree contributions to the EUTF to be paid through withholdings of retirement benefit amounts from the ERS. Beginning after January 1, 2017, requires the EUTF to authorize automatic electronic payments in lieu of withholdings. (HB2016 CD1) GM1335, HB2016 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO THE KING KAMEHAMEHA CELEBRATION COMMISSION. Amends the membership, mission, and purpose of the King Kamehameha Celebration Commission. Authorizes the Chairperson to appoint an advisory committee for historical and archival matters. Authorizes the Commission to appoint an Executive Director. (HB2277 CD1) GM1336, HB2277 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, AND TOURISM. Requires DBEDT to develop, and state agencies to enter into, inter-agency agreements without entering into a memorandum of agreement or memorandum of understanding. Establishes the high-growth grant program and special fund to provide grants to qualified businesses for certain business development activities. Makes an appropriation. ...
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RELATING TO SEPARATION BENEFITS. Authorizes HHSC employees facing position abolishment, reduction-in-force, or workforce restructuring to opt to receive either severance benefits or a special retirement benefit in lieu of exercising any reduction-in-force rights. Requires the State to pay a monthly contribution for employees separated from service as a result of Act 103, Session Laws of ...
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GM1146, SB2181 SD2 HD2, 4/29/2016

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RELATING TO ACCESS TO TREATMENT FOR TERMINALLY ILL PATIENTS. Permits manufacturers of investigational drugs or biological products beginning on January 1, 2017 to make these drugs and products available to terminally ill patients under certain conditions. Veto GM1146, SB2181 SD2 HD2