2017 Acts

ACT 217, HB523 SD1 CD1, 7/12/2017

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RELATING TO RECYCLING Allows DAGS to establish a recycling pilot program to reasonably provide and maintain onsite collection methods at buildings and facilities it manages, maintains, or services for the collection of recyclable materials. Appropriates funds.  ACT 217, HB523 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION Establishes registration requirements and driver’s licensing requirements for operation of autocycles. ACT 216, HB1258 HD2 SD2 CD1

RELATING TO PUBLIC LANDS Establishes a process for the re-leasing or renegotiation of a lease for public lands classified as commercial or industrial use near the end of the life of the lease. Permits DLNR to extend public land leases to school or government entities without recourse to auction, with certain exceptions.  ACT 215, HB575 HD1 ...
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RELATING TO TAXATION Appropriates moneys for the Hawaii tourism authority, working in conjunction with the Hawaii lodging and tourism association for projects to address homelessness in tourist and resort areas.  ACT 214, HB375 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO THE CAPITAL INFRASTRUCTURE TAX CREDIT. Includes structures, machinery, equipment, and capital assets in the definition of capital infrastructure costs for the Capital Infrastructure Tax Credit. Sets cap on credit per taxable year per qualified infrastructure tenant including all partners and members of the qualified infrastructure tenant and its special purpose entities. Specifies that ...
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RELATING TO HOMELESSNESS Requires the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness, in conjunction with and with the advisement of the Department of Human Services and Department of Land and Natural Resources, to establish a working group to examine and develop recommendations related to the establishment of safe zones for persons experiencing homelessness. Requires the working group ...
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RELATING TO MOVIE THEATRES Provides for the use of personal closed captioning systems as an alternative means of ensuring that closed captioning is provided by movie theatres with at least two locations. Extends the sunset date of the law that requires closed captioning at such movie theatres and requires a study of the impact of ...
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ACT 210, SB724 HD1 CD1, 7/12/2017

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RELATING TO NON-DISCRETIONARY COSTS Requires the Department of Budget and Finance to submit to the Legislature before the 2019 regular session a report with estimates for fiscal year 2018-2019 and fiscal year 2019-2020 of general fund appropriations and expenditures for non-discretionary costs. Requires the Director of Finance to recommend whether the information should be provided ...
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RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES Requires the Auditor to conduct an audit of the Special Land and Development Fund and Land Conservation Fund of the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Appropriates funds.  ACT 209, HB839 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO HIGHWAYS. Requires each county with a population of over five hundred thousand or greater to take ownership and jurisdiction over all disputed roads under certain circumstances. Defines disputed roads.  ACT 208, HB115 HD1 SD1 CD1

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