2017 Acts

RELATING TO THE EMERGENCY AND BUDGET RESERVE FUND. Prohibits the legislature from appropriating from the Emergency and Budget Reserve Fund: (1) more than 50% of the balance of the fund in a single fiscal year; (2) to expend for discretionary costs in a fiscal year, an amount that exceeds 10% of the total discretionary funds ...
Read More ACT 207, HB471 HD1 SD1 CD1, 7/12/2017

RELATING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Requires the City and County of Honolulu to transfer to the Department of Land and Natural Resources all property upon which certain public high schools are situated. Extends the twenty-first century schools pilot program by an additional five years. ACT 206, HB116 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO THE INTERISLAND TRANSMISSION SYSTEM. Repeals chapter 269, part VIII, Hawaii Revised Statutes, relating to the interisland transmission system. ACT 205, SB376 SD1 HD1 CD1

MAKING AN APPROPRIATION TO THE OFFICE OF THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY FOR HAWAII COUNTY Appropriates funds as a subsidy to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Hawaii County Career Criminal Prosecution Unit.  ACT 204, SB26 SD1 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO EARLY LEARNING Makes an appropriation for the Executive Office on Early Learning to enter into contracts with third-party providers for family-child interaction learning programs.  ACT 203, HB937 HD1 SD1 CD1 

RELATING TO EARLY LEARNING Broadens the scope of the Early Learning Program to include early childhood development. Expands the function of the Early Learning Board beyond an advisory capacity and amends the composition and powers of some board members. Allows the Early Learning Board to appoint the director of the Executive Office on Early Learning.  ...
Read More ACT 202, HB498 HD1 SD1 CD1, 7/11/2017

RELATING TO CONTINUOUS ALCOHOL MONITORING FOR REPEAT OFFENDERS Authorizing the fitting of a continuous alcohol monitoring device on persons charged for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant or habitually operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant if the person: (1) Is a repeat intoxicated driver; or (2) Is currently awaiting ...
Read More ACT 201, HB306 HD2 SD2 CD1, 7/11/2017

RELATING TO HEALTH Requires all limited service pregnancy centers to disclose the availability of and enrollment information for reproductive health services. Defines limited service pregnancy center. Establishes privacy and disclosure requirements for individual records and information. Authorizes civil penalties and civil actions for enforcement and remedy. ACT 200, SB501 SD1 HD2 CD1 

RELATING TO THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION Requires a management audit of the Public Utilities Commission.  ACT 198, SB382 SD2 HD1 CD2 

RELATING TO AGRICULTURE Amends the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program by restricting cultivation of industrial hemp under the pilot project to agricultural lands and requires counties to recognize it as an agricultural product, use, or activity. Allows license application year-round. Repeals certain physical facility requirements. Repeals the requirement for a movement permit to transport industrial hemp ...
Read More ACT 199, SB773 SD2 HD1 CD1, 7/11/2017