2017 Acts

MAKING AN APPROPRIATION TO THE DEPARTMENT OF THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU Appropriates moneys to the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney of the City and County of Honolulu for the career criminal prosecution unit.  ACT 197, SB491 SD1 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO SEARCH WARRANTS Allows courts to authorize an individual or entity other than a sheriff deputy or an officer to provide technical assistance to the deputy sheriff or officer in examining an electronic device or storage media that is the subject of a search warrant. ACT 196, SB488 SD1 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO THE JUDICIARY Appropriates funds for the judiciary for the fiscal biennium beginning 7/1/2017 and ending 6/30/2019. Effective 7/1/2017. ACT 195, SB469 SD2 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO STUDENT MEALS Prohibits denying a student a meal for failure to pay within: (1) The first 21 days of the first semester of a school year while the student’s application for free or reduced lunch is being processed; or (2) 7 days after the student’s meal fund account balance is zero or negative. ...
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RELATING TO COUNTIES Allows the counties to make short term investments with similar authority as the state director of finance. Requires counties’ investments in bonds of any improvement district to be of investment grade or supported by the general obligation pledge of the county in which the improvement district is located. ACT 193, SB407 SD1 HD1 ...
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RELATING TO SECURITY INTERESTS IN REAL PROPERTY Clarifies public records by amending the procedure for clearing titles by adding a reference to recorded assignments of leases and rents for which the underlying debt has been fully paid or satisfied. ACT 192, SB396 SD1 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO HEALTH INSURANCE Requires a health carrier with a network plan to maintain a network that includes sufficient numbers of appropriate types of providers to ensure that covered persons have access to covered services. Specifies contract, disclosure, continuity of care, and directory publication requirements.  ACT 191, SB387 SD1 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO CONDOMINIUMS Prohibits associations of apartment owners, boards of directors, managing agents, resident managers, unit owners, and persons acting on behalf of associations or unit owners from retaliating against a unit owner, board member, managing agent, resident manager, or association employee who files a complaint; acts in furtherance of a complaint, report, or investigation ...
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RELATING TO INFORMATION CHARGING Authorizes all class B and C felony charges to be instituted by written information subject to specified exceptions.  ACT 189, SB339 SD1 HD1 CD1 

RELATING TO COURT JURISDICTION Provides that circuit and family courts shall have concurrent jurisdiction over certain felonies under certain circumstances involving the offense of endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree, endangering the welfare of a minor in the second degree, or endangering the welfare of an incompetent person. Provides that district ...
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