2017 Vetoes

RELATING TO AQUATIC LIFE Requires DLNR to submit proposed legislation to the legislature by the 2019 regular session including a definition of “sustainable”, a policy for sustainable collection practices of near shore aquatic life, a process for determining limits on collection practices of near shore aquatic life, and any additional resources required by the department. ...
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RELATING TO THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE HAWAII STATE CAPITOL Appropriates funds to the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts to fund celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Hawaii state capitol. GM1273, SB1074 SD1 HD1 CD1

RELATING TO THE STATE FOUNDATION ON CULTURE AND THE ARTS Appropriates funds to the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Artist Fellowship Program for the awarding of one-time fellowships to promising artists. GM1272 , SB1073 SD1 HD1 CD1

RELATING TO EFFICIENCY MEASURES Recommences the efficiency measures pilot project first required under Act 67, Session Laws of Hawaii 2015.  GM1271, SB722 SD1 HD1 CD1

RELATING TO BUDGET DOCUMENTS Requires the six-year program and financial plan and budget to include information on tax expenditures.  GM1270 , SB713 SD1 HD1 CD1

GM1269, SB562 SD1 HD1, 7/11/2017

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RELATING TO TORT LIABILITY Requires the Attorney General to defend any civil action against the county based on negligence, wrongful act, or omission of a county lifeguard for services at a designated state beach park under an agreement between the State and a county. GM1269, SB562 SD1 HD1

RELATING TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Clarifies the allowable scope of collective bargaining negotiations regarding the rights and obligations of a public employer. GM1268 , SB410 SD1 HD1

RELATING TO GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS Prohibits the issuance of GO bonds to finance the repair and maintenance of a capital asset where the repair or maintenance costs incurred add value to and prolong the life of the asset for a period of less than 10 years. Requires the Director of Finance to set a maturity ...
Read More GM1267, HB1588 HD1 SD1 CD1, 7/11/2017

RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION Requires the Auditor to investigate and report on the problems of the tax system modernization project of the department of taxation. Appropriates funds. GM1266, HB1414 HD1 SD1 CD1

RELATING TO GRANTS. Adds grants for planning, design, construction, renovation, operations, and equipment of facilities to the types of grants for which repayment to the State is required if the grantee discontinues the activities or services approved in the grant. Designates the Department of Budget and Finance as the negotiating agency for grant repayments. Requires ...
Read More GM1265, HB1309 HD1 SD1, 7/11/2017