2018 Acts

RELATING TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. Establishes a Law Enforcement Standards Board for the certification of county police officers, state public safety officers, and employees of the Departments of Transportation, Land and Natural Resources, Taxation, and Attorney General with police powers. Establishes the Law Enforcement Standards Board Special Fund. Appropriates funds. 

RELATING TO APPROPRIATIONS TO ADDRESS HOMELESSNESS. Appropriates funds to the Department of Human Services for the Coordinated Statewide Homeless Initiative. Requires the Department to procure the services of a master contractor to manage subcontracts and expenditures for services provided through the initiative. 

RELATING TO MOTORCYCLES. Authorizes the Department of Transportation under certain conditions to designate shoulders upon which the Department may authorize the driving of motorcycles. Takes effect on 1/1/2019. Repeals on 12/31/2020. 

RELATING TO SERVICE ANIMALS. Establishes a civil penalty for knowingly misrepresenting an animal as a service animal. Conforms Hawaii law with the definition of “service animal” under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Takes effect on 1/1/2019. 

RELATING TO MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE. Allows a motor vehicle insurer to satisfy the requirement that an insurer provide a complete sales and claims office in the State through the establishment and maintenance of an office by the insurer’s licensed producer in every county the insurer does business. 

RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION. Increases the rental motor vehicle surcharge from $3 to $5 for lessees without a valid Hawaii driver’s license from the rental motor vehicle surcharge. Requires that the revenues from the increase in motor vehicle surcharge tax be expended for state highway road capacity projects in the county in which the rental motor vehicle ...
Read More ACT 215, HB2601 HD1 SD2 CD2, 7/10/2018

RELATING TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Provides that when a candidate other than the incumbent is elected to the office of United States Senator, and the incumbent vacates the office prior to the expiration of the incumbent’s term, the Governor must temporarily appoint the member-elect to immediately fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. 

RELATING TO AUTOMATIC RESTRAINING ORDERS. Automatically imposes a restraining order upon parties filing for annulment, divorce, or separation to preserve the financial assets of the parties and their dependents and maintain the current island of residence and school of enrollment of a minor child of the parties. 

RELATING TO PUBLIC SAFETY. Requires the Department of Public Safety to establish performance indicators. Requires annual reports of the established performance indicators, criminal offender treatment programs, and programs established pursuant to the Community Safety Act.

ACT 211, SB2868 SD3 HD1, 7/10/2018

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RELATING TO TAXATION. Imposes registration requirements and the transient accommodations tax on transient accommodations brokers, travel agencies, and tour packagers that enter into arrangements to furnish transient accommodations at noncommissioned negotiated contract rates on their share of the proceeds. Applies to taxable years beginning after 12/31/18. 

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