2018 Acts

ACT 200, HB2110 HD2 SD2, 7/10/2018

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RELATING TO RESILIENCY. Directs the Public Utilities Commission to establish a microgrid services tariff to encourage and facilitate the development and use of energy resilient microgrids. Takes effect on 7/1/2018.

RELATING TO ASSOCIATION HEALTH PLANS. Requires association health plan policies to comply with the laws of this State regardless of the association’s domicile. Enables certain voluntary associations, including employer associations that issue association health plans, to qualify for authorization to transact insurance in the State.

ACT 198, HB2149 HD1 SD1, 7/10/2018

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RELATING TO DENTISTRY. Amends the ethics training requirement for dentists in the continuing education program to be six hours of ethics training within the previous two years for each biennial renewal period.

RELATING TO MEDICATION SYNCHRONIZATION. Allows the synchronization of plan participants’ medications. Requires plans, policies, contracts, or agreements that are offered by health insurers, mutual benefit societies, and health maintenance organizations and provide prescription drug benefits, to apply prorated daily cost-sharing rates for prescriptions dispensed by network pharmacies for less than a thirty-day supply.

RELATING TO CONDOMINIUMS. Expands the scope of the Condominium Education Trust Fund to cover voluntary binding arbitration between interested parties. Amends the conditions that mandate mediation and exceptions to mandatory mediation. Makes conforming amendments.

RELATING TO CONDOMINIUMS. Clarifies the process, including payment obligations, mediation requirements, and triggers for further default, where a condominium unit owner and association reach a payment plan to resolve a nonjudicial foreclosure. Establishes procedures that provide condominium owners with the right to submit disputed legal fees, penalties or fines, late fees, lien filing fees, or ...
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ACT 194, HB1869 HD1 SD1, 7/10/2018

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RELATING TO THE LANDLORD TENANT CODE. Provides a specific exemption to the landlord-tenant code for a seller who occupies the residential real property after the transfer of the seller’s ownership rights. Takes effect 11/1/2018.

ACT 193, HB1626 HD1 SD1, 7/10/2018

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RELATING TO CEMETERIES. Limits liability for volunteers maintaining or repairing cemetery grounds. Requires the director of commerce and consumer affairs, in consultation with the comptroller, to develop strategies for the upkeep, repair, and maintenance of Sunset Memorial Park in Pearl City, Oahu. Requires report to legislature.

RELATING TO INSURANCE. Prohibits an insurer from renewing or re-enrolling an individual in a short-term, limited-duration health insurance policy or contract if the individual was eligible to purchase health insurance through the federal health insurance marketplace during an open enrollment period or special enrollment period in the previous calendar year. Specifies that short-term, limited-duration health ...
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ACT 191, SB2099 SD1 HD1, 7/10/2018

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RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION. Changes driver’s licensing requirement for operation of autocycles.