2015 Acts

RELATING TO TAXATION. Authorizes fines to be deposited into the tax administration special fund. Increases the balance that may be retained in the tax administration special fund in each fiscal year. Authorizes DOTAX to enforce civil penalties for operators and plan managers who fail to display the certificate of registration and registration ID numbers for ...
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RELATING TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Requires the Department of Health (DOH) to conduct reviews of domestic violence fatalities, near-deaths, and suicides. Authorizes DOH to enter into memoranda of understanding to obtain information relating to near-deaths resulting from intimate partner violence. (HB448 CD1)

RELATING TO STATE FUNDS Appropriates $10,000,000 from the general revenues into the Emergency and Budget Reserve Fund in FY 2014-2015 to comply with article VII, section 6, of the Hawaii State Constitution, which requires, under certain economic conditions, that the legislature provide a tax credit to state taxpayers or make a deposit into one or ...
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RELATING TO ON-BILL PROGRAMS. Exempts electric utilities acting as billing and collections agents for an on-bill program from various state taxes and state laws regulating financial institutions, escrow depositories, or collection agencies. (SB1096 CD1)

RELATING TO CONSUMER PROTECTION. Requires persons charging a consumer’s credit or debit card or account for automatic renewal or continuous service offer to first obtain the consumer’s affirmative consent. Requires acknowledgment of terms, cancellation policy, and information on how to cancel the automatic renewal or continuous service to be provided to the consumer. Requires free ...
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RELATING TO LICENSING. Establishes the Behavior Analyst Program within the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Requires the licensing of behavior analysts for the practice of behavior analysis beginning on January 1, 2016, and ending on June 30, 2021. Appropriates funds to implement the Behavior Analyst Program. (SB40 CD1)

Act 198, HB268 HD2 SD1, 07/02/2015

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RELATING TO DENTISTRY. Authorizes the board of dental examiners to summarily suspend a license. Establishes procedures for the summary suspension of a license. Specifies that continuing to practice dentistry, or attempting to do so, while the summary suspension is in effect is grounds for revocation of the license. (HB268 SD1)

RELATING TO CONSUMER PROTECTION. Requires health insurers, mutual benefit societies, and health maintenance organizations to post and update information on drug formularies via a public website and toll-free number for the benefit of insureds, potential insureds, and providers. Establishes a formulary accessibility working group. (HB261 CD1)

RELATING TO THE INTERIM ASSISTANCE REIMBURSEMENT SPECIAL FUND Establishes the interim assistance reimbursement special fund, into which reimbursements received from the U.S. Social Security Administration will be deposited for state-funded financial assistance payments and programs to assist individuals to qualify for supplemental security income. Makes an appropriation. (HB1432 CD1)

RELATING TO THE UNIFORM CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT Updates chapter 329, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to make it consistent with amendments in federal law on controlled substances; amends section 329-20, HRS, to add new controlled substances federally scheduled as required under section 329-11, HRS; adds a new synthetic cathinone and eight new synthetic cannabinoids to section 329-14, ...
Read More Act 195, SB1131 SD2 HD2 CD1, 07/01/2015

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