Habilitat Day

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What:  Bill signing ceremony for the following: House Bill 623 –   100 percent renewable energy portfolio standards by 2045 House Bill 1296 – Designates state hydrogen implementation coordinator and working group House Bill 1509 – Requires UH to establish collective goal of becoming net-zero with respect to energy use by 2035 Senate Bill 1050 –Establishes ...
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HONOLULU — The State of Hawai‘i announced today it is taking steps to ensure a smooth transition for individuals seeking health care insurance in the November 2015 Open Enrollment. The Hawai‘i Health Connector, a private non-profit entity, has been unable to generate sufficient revenues to sustain operations. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) informed the Connector last ...
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USA Volleyball Cup Weekend

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Climate change has been declared by the Hawaii State Legislature as one of the most critical challenges of this century. It poses both urgent and long-term threats to the State’s economy, sustainability, security, and way of life. In 2014 the legislature passed Act 83 which directs the adoption of a statewide climate adaptation report by ...
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HONOLULU – The Hawaii State Legislature identified climate change as one of the most urgent and long-term threats to the State’s economy, sustainability, security and way of life over the next century.  In 2014 it passed Act 83 in order to address the effects of climate change.  Act 83 also established the Interagency Climate Adaptation ...
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World Clubfoot Day

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HONOLULU – The American Lung Association today presented the 2015 Breathe Easy Champion Mauli Ola Award to Dr. Virginia Pressler, director of the Hawai‘i Department of Health. Dr. Pressler was honored for her significant efforts to improve the health and lives of people in Hawai‘i, strong commitment to community, innovative thinking, compassion for those in ...
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