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    The Governor’s Office offers recognition for significant accomplishments and milestones:

    • Proclamations recognize a year, month, week or day for significant events such as holidays or those designated to raise awareness of a specific issue affecting Hawaii residents. (Note: The proclamation neither indicates nor implies the Governor’s support of any given issue or cause.)
    • Commendations honor individuals who have performed outstanding public service or achieved a noteworthy accomplishment.
    • Special messages mark significant occasions such as milestone anniversaries and public events.

    Due to the high volume of requests received daily, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines, including minimum advance notice requirements.


    1. All requests must be submitted on-line at: at least four (4) weeks prior to the date it is needed, and not more than three (3) months in advance.
    2. All requests must be submitted by an individual or organization based in Hawai‘i, preferably submitted by the CEO or Board Chair of the local entity. Organizations are encouraged to request recognitions that coincide with national- or state-designated dates.
    3. The Governor’s Office reserves the right to accept or decline any request and edit the submitted text, regardless of whether a similar request was accommodated in previous years. The text of the document must not be altered in any way without the consent of the Governor’s Office.
    4. All issued proclamations, commendations and special messages are to be used for a single event or recognition, and are not to be used for profit or commercial advertising.
    5. If you wish to invite the Governor to present the proclamation, commendation or special message in-person, please also complete the Invite the Governor to an Event online form at this link.