Pre-travel test option offered for trans-Pacific travel starting Sept. 1

Posted on Jun 26, 2020 in Capitol Connection, Featured
From Aug. 1, trans-Pacific travel will include a pre-travel testing option.

From Aug. 1, trans-Pacific travel will include a pre-travel testing option.

It’s official: Starting Sept. 1, travelers to Hawai‘i can avoid the 14-day quarantine if they get a negative COVID-19 PCR test result from a certified lab before departure. The mandatory quarantine would remain in place for anyone who didn’t get a certified negative test result. Traveling Hawai‘i residents could also qualify for quarantine exemption if they’re able to get tested on the mainland before coming home.

“We wanted to make sure we have a system we can feel confident will work and will continue to keep our community safe and healthy,” said Governor Ige. “This new program of pre-testing travelers before coming to the islands is a way to identify those who are ill and ensure they don’t infect the broader community.” The pre-travel testing will be part of Hawai‘i’s multi-layered system of expanded screening, testing and contact tracing to manage any new COVID-19 cases, including continued temperature checks at the airports.

“The community should feel assured that our increased testing capacity and system of contact tracing is working to contain any outbreak, and has helped us maintain the lowest COVID-19 infection rate in the nation,” the governor said. “I think everyone understands that providing an alternative to the quarantine is a step we need to take for the sake of people’s jobs and our economy. We went from having the lowest unemployment rate in the country to the second-highest in a matter of weeks with the mandatory quarantine, so we have to find a way to bring in visitors safely.” Watch the press conference at Submit questions to

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