Questions about unemployment?

Posted on Jun 26, 2020 in Capitol Connection, Featured

Ninety-three percent (93%) of the valid unemployment insurance claims have been processed and paid out – that’s nearly $1.7B. Still, many people have not received their payments. For those who are still frustrated because they have not received their benefits, here are common reasons for the delays and denials:

  • Persons working full-time and therefore ineligible for benefits but filing for the loss of part-time work, Incorrect deposit information supplied by claimants,
  • No weekly certifications filed by claimants,
  • Claim backdate issues,
  • Separation from work that requires investigation,
  • Claimants that have filed multiple claims, and
  • Failure to create a username and password in the claimant online portal, etc.

DLIR is working hard to process your claims, so please be on the lookout for calls from numbers (833) 901-2272 and (833) 901-2275; it is the department trying to reach you to process your claims.

See the latest Unemployment Insurance Information from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations:

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