DLNR NEWS RELEASE: Report of illegal net activity allows DOCARE officers to apprehend illegal gill net fisherman in Waimanalo

Posted on Mar 24, 2016 in Latest Department News

WAIMANALO — Department of Land and Natural Resources Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) officers cited a man today for violations relating to his use of a gill net in waters offshore of Kaiona Beach Park.  Officers responded to reports that a gill net had been laid in the water, and contacted a male, John Edwards, 39.  Through investigation, the officers learned that Edwards had laid a gill net overnight, and had retrieved it just prior to the officers’ arrival.  The investigation also revealed that the net used was not registered and tagged as required by law.

DLNR regulates the use of gill nets through administrative rules adopted by the Department. Gill net rules and regulations are located at Hawaii Administrative Rule 13-75-12.4.  Under current laws, gill nets used in the lay net fishing method are required to be registered with the Department.  Additionally, the use of a gill net in the lay net fishing method is prohibited from one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise.   Violations of rules regulating gill net use are petty misdemeanors punishable through the imposition of fines or imprisonment.

Edwards received citations for use of an unregistered gill net and for the overnight use of the net.  These particular gill net violations carry a mandatory court appearance and the minimum fine for a first offense is $250.

“Irresponsible use of gill nets threatens our aquatic resources” said Jason Redulla, Deputy Enforcement Chief.  “We remind fishers who use gill nets to comply with the State’s fishing regulations to prevent the indiscriminate killing of our precious marine life”, Redulla added.

The public can report natural resources violations to the Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement by calling 643-DLNR.  Callers can remain anonymous.

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