Hawaii COVID-19 Joint Information Center News Release-Encouragement to Get Information from Official Sources, June 5, 2020

Posted on Jun 5, 2020 in Latest Department News

(Honolulu) – Law enforcement agencies across the state are reminding Hawai‘i residents to only rely on official sources of information for the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues involving government agencies and their responses.

Some social media sites have recently posted false information suggesting that out-of-state individuals are coming to Hawai‘i to cause trouble.

Attorney General Clare Connors, the state’s chief law enforcement official said, “While social media can be helpful in distributing information broadly, everyone knows there are countless examples of where social media platforms have spread misinformation through false postings. We encourage readers and viewers to be discerning, to rely only on official sources of information and to avoid getting caught up in the dissemination of rumors and/or gossip online.”

Law enforcement agencies constantly monitor activities associated with groups and individuals planning to insert themselves inappropriately or illegally into activities in the state.

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