HDOT News Release: Schedule for limited access to the north shore of Kauai for Hurricane Lane

Posted on Aug 21, 2018 in Latest Department News

WAINIHA – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) will be running the Sunday/Holiday schedule for limited access to the communities of Wainiha and Haena for Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2018.

The schedule change is at the request of community members that asked for more access to aid in their hurricane preparation activities in advance of Hurricane Lane. HDOT will modify ongoing emergency work to safely run the Sunday/Holiday schedule, which alternates trips between Wainiha and Hanalei every thirty minutes beginning at 7 a.m.

Following coordination calls with the National Weather Service and federal, state, and county emergency management tomorrow morning, HDOT will announce any additional modification to the convoy schedules.

As a reminder, the schedule for limited local access is posted on our website at: https://hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/2018-kuhio-highway-emergency-repairs/ The full Sunday/Holiday schedule is:

Sunday and Holidays
• 7:00 AM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 7:30 AM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 8:00 AM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 8:30 AM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 9:00 AM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 9:30 AM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 10:00 AM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 10:30 AM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 11:00 AM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 11:30 AM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 12:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 12:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 1:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 1:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 2:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 2:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 3:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 3:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 4:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 4:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 5:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 5:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 6:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 6:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 7:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 7:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 8:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 8:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 9:00 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 9:30 PM Hanalei to Wainiha
• 10:30 PM Wainiha to Hanalei
• 11:00 PM Hanalei to Wainiha

Please continue to follow news reports for the latest on Hurricane Lane and for updates on Kuhio Highway (Route 560). Information on state routes will also be posted over HDOT’s social media accounts, https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiDepartmentOfTransportation/ and https://twitter.com/DOTHawaii


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