OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR – News Release – Gov. Ige signs 64 bills prior to traveling to Colorado for the WGA’s annual meeting

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 in Latest Department News, Office of the Governor Press Releases

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed the following bills on June 7, 2019. Legislative leadership has been notified.

BILLS SIGNED on June 7, 2019:


ACT 37                       HB172            Office of Hawaiian Affairs Budget

ACT 38                       HB510            Judiciary Package

ACT 39                       HB809            Chapter 42F – Grants

ACT 40                       HB1259         Capital Improvement Projects

ACT 41                       HB1319         Special Purpose Revenue Bond for Electric Public Utilities

ACT 42                       HB1375         Hawai‘i Museum of Natural and Cultural History

ACT 43                       HB1413         Special Purpose Revenue Bonds to assist E Ola Mau Na Leo O Kekaha

ACT 44                       SB494            Emergency & Budget Reserve Fund

ACT 45                       SB985            Special Purpose Revenue Bonds to assist Pearl Harbor Floating Drydock, LLC

ACT 46                       SB1002          Special Purpose Revenue Bonds to assist Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning, LLC

ACT 47                       SB1192          Public Employment Cost Items: Collective Bargaining Units 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13 and 14

ACT 48                       SB1195          Public Employment Cost Items: Collective Bargaining Unit 5

ACT 49                       SB1197          Public Employment Cost Items: Collective Bargaining Units 1, 7, 10; Health Premium Payments

ACT 50                       SB1201          Public Employment Cost Items: Collective Bargaining Unit 11

ACT 51                       SB1204          Hawai‘i Public Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund Definitions

ACT 52                       SB1440          Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Trevi Systems, Inc. or its related entity, Kona Coast Water LLC;

Special Purpose Revenue Bonds; Appropriation

ACT 53                       HB981            Employees’ Retirement System (Overpayment, Recovery)

ACT 54                       HB250            School-Based Health Services

ACT 55                       HB340            Hawai‘i Technology Development Corporation – Appropriation (Relating to HTDC)

ACT 56                       HB624            Hawai‘i Technology Development Corporation – DBEDT; Appropriation (Relating to Structure of


ACT 57                       HB867            Department of Human Resources Development

ACT 58                       HB888            Maui Health System Appropriation

ACT 59                       SB166            State Budget: Elections, Vote Counting System

ACT 60                       SB281            Department of Health

ACT 61                       SB316            University of Hawai‘i Community College Promise Program

ACT 62                       SB471            Homelessness and Housing

ACT 63                       SB753            Dept. of Agriculture; Aquaculture Development Program; Appropriation

ACT 64                       HB941            Public Employment: Employee’s Designation of Beneficiary Form

ACT 65                       HB944            Nonprofit Corporations

ACT 66                       HB945            Charitable Organizations

ACT 67                       SB1173          Child Support

ACT 68                       SB1176          False Claims to the State

ACT 69                       SB1130          Taxation: Internal Revenue Code

ACT 70                       SB25               Health Insurance: Updates/improves existing Insurance Code provisions

ACT 71                       SB1210          Insurance: NAIC

ACT 72                       SB1212          Insurance: Regulatory Authority of the Insurance Commissioner

ACT 73                       SB1213          DCCA – Procurement Filing Fee

ACT 74                       HB988            Transitional Authority in the Mortgage Industry

ACT 75                       HB989            Mortgage Servicers

ACT 76                       HB990            Department of Defense Facilities

ACT 77                       HB991            State Military Forces

ACT 78                       HB993            Emergency Management

ACT 79                       SB1221          Hawai‘i Teacher Standards Board

ACT 80                       SB1223          Hawaiian Home Lands/Affordable Housing

ACT 81                       HB999            Department of Human Services: Civil Service Exemptions

ACT 82                       HB1417         Human Services

ACT 83                       SB1226          Child Care

ACT 84                       SB1231          Spouse and Child Abuse Special Fund

ACT 85                       SB1232          Child Safety

ACT 86                       HB1007         State of Hawai‘i Deferred Compensation Plan – Adding Roth Option

ACT 87                       SB1236          Parking for Disabled Persons

ACT 88                       SB1237          Department of Health: State Health Planning & Development Agency, Medicare Part C

ACT 89                       SB1238          Establishing Executive Office on Aging Administrative Claiming Special Fund

ACT 90                       HB1013         Involuntary Hospitalization

ACT 91                       SB1240          Medicaid Waiver

ACT 92                       SB1241          Energy Data – Greenhouse Gas Data DOH

ACT 93                       HB1028         Endangered Species Trust Fund

ACT 94                       HB1033         DLNR/DOBOR Mandatory Vessel Insurance Coverage

ACT 95                       SB1263          Uniform Controlled Substances Act

ACT 96                       SB394             Taxation: Amends rules for sourcing sales factor for net income tax

ACT 97                       SB1271          Tax Refund Offsets

ACT 98                       HB543            Affordable Housing

ACT 99                       HB942            Claims Against the State

ACT 100                     HB901            Government Publications



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