OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR — News Release — Governor Ige signs energy, sustainability, gender identification, agriculture bills

Posted on Jun 26, 2019 in Latest Department News, Office of the Governor Press Releases

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HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed the following bills during bill signing ceremonies today:

Energy and Sustainability:

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ACT 141 — HB556               Relating to Energy Efficiency

ACT 142 — HB1585             Relating to the Environment

ACT 143 – SB661                Relating to Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

ACT 144 – HB401                Relating to Contracting for Public Facilities

ACT 145 – HB560                Relating to Energy Training

ACT 146 – HB1558             Relating to Sustainability

ACT 147 – HB1548             Relating to Rapid Ohia Death


Gender Identity:

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ACT 148 – HB1165             Relating to Gender Identification

ACT 149 – HB711                Relating to Criminal Defense

ACT 157 – HB664                Relating to Gender Identification


Gun Violence:

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ACT 150 – SB1466              Relating to Gun Violence Protective Orders



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ACT 151 – SB375                Relating to Agriculture

ACT 152 – SB1148              Relating to Agriculture

ACT 153 – SB390                Relating to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program




ACT 154 – HB1009             Relating to Movie Theatres

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ACT 155 – SB330                Relating to an Earned Income Disregard Program

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ACT 156 – SB50                   Relating to Human Services

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