OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR — News Release — State acquires land under Maui’s Front Street Apartments

Posted on Oct 3, 2019 in Latest Department News, Office of the Governor Press Releases

HONOLULU –  Gov. David Ige announced Thursday that the state has completed its transaction to acquire the land under Front Street Apartments on Maui. The move brings the state a step closer to keeping the Front Street Apartments affordable for some 250 tenants.

The state purchased the land from 3900, LLC. to help preserve the rents at the 142-unit apartment building and prevent the rents from surging to market prices.

A new law approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Ige in June, authorized the Hawai‘i Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC) to acquire the land from 3900, LLC and initiate negotiations with the owners of Front Street Apartments to keep the property affordable for the tenants.

The HHFDC board approved $15 million from the Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund for the acquisition of the land at the May 9, 2019 board meeting. The $15 million figure was based on a $14,930,000 appraisal of the fair market value of the land under Front Street Apartments.

“This acquisition brings us closer to protecting tenants from significant rent increases that could displace them. We are working toward more affordable housing for not only Maui residents, but for our families across the state,” said Gov. Ige.

“I appreciate that progress is being made toward maintaining Front Street Apartment residents in their affordable rental units. I thank Governor David Ige and the Hawai‘i Housing Finance and Development Corp. for their dedicated collaborative effort with Maui County to keep affordable rentals affordable for our people,” said Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino.


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