PSD NEWS RELEASE – Department of Public Safety COVID-19 update for 9/11/20

Posted on Sep 11, 2020 in Latest Department News, Newsroom

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Public Safety (PSD) was notified that a staff member assigned to the Kulani Correctional Facility tested positive for COVID-19.  The employee last worked on 9/6/20. The facility was sanitized.

PSD was also notified that a Deputy Sheriff from the Executive Protection Unit assigned to the Lieutenant Governor’s office reported a positive test result. The deputy last worked on 9/8/20. Lt. Governor Josh Green’s office confirms one other deputy on the security detail is awaiting test results and the other two have been instructed to get tested.

PSD staff working in both locations have been notified and encouraged to contact their health care providers if they have any questions about possible exposure. The Department of Health (DOH) was also notified and is conducting contact tracing. PSD is awaiting further DOH guidance.

Efforts to contain the outbreak at the Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) are working.  The Department of Health (DOH) began the fourth round of follow-up testing at the Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) this week, to make sure the virus remains under control in the incarcerated population.

PSD received 149 inmate test results today. Only 1 was positive. There are currently no inmates hospitalized.  Of the 50 staff tests results received only one was positive.

Total PSD COVID-19 active and recovered cases as of 9/11/20: 

HCCC 0 0 0 0
KCCC 0 0 0 0
MCCC 0 0 0 0
OCCC 34 48 14 277
HCF 2 1 0 1
KCF 1 0 0 0
WCCC 0 2 0 0
WCF 0 2 0 0
TOTAL** 43 54 14 278

*Administration Division includes administrative services, fiscal, personnel, training and staff development and the offices under the Director.

**Numbers are subject to change as pending results are received.  The total number of positive and negative tests to date can be found on PSD’s COVID-19 information website.

  • The inmate releases directed through the Hawaii Supreme Court (HSC) orders are on-going. The list of names/criminal case numbers for defendants released on 9/10/20 per HSC court order, is attached.
  • All transports to court from all Oahu facilities are suspended through Friday, September 18. Video hearings will still be accommodated to the extent possible and as legally permissible. PSD is in constant contact with the Judiciary to assure the safety of all staff and inmates involved.

Staff continue to practice recommended precautions for the health and safety of the public, our staff and the inmates under our supervision including the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All facilities have been issued PPE and routinely keep an inventory of PPE for continuous distribution to staff as recommended in the Pandemic Plan.  Each employee has been issued several face masks and at OCCC, employees have been issued a face shield for added protection.  Face shields will be issued to all staff at other facilities.  Staff have access to gloves and other protective supplies, available all over the facility.

For more information on PSD’s planning and response to COVID-19, inmate testing data, and information detailing the efforts made to safeguard the inmates, staff and public, visit our webpage at:


Toni Schwartz
Public Information Officer
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