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Statement from Governor David Ige regarding Mauna Kea:

“The emergency rules were enacted to ensure public safety and access after the road was blocked by boulders. The state has made sure people are aware of and understand the emergency rules before taking the next step. While we had hoped arrests would not have to be made in the process of citing violators last night, we were prepared to take action, and we did so.”- Governor David Ige
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We definitely try to eat healthier snacks here in our office. Thank you to Dawn, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health for kicking off 'Choose Healthy Now'.
“In today’s society, convenience foods are often the unhealthy ones. It’s nice to see a business taking a stand to actively promote and make the healthier options accessible,” said First Lady Dawn Ige. “We encourage other Hawaii businesses to join us in this effort.”
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Let's all do our part in being more vigilant as pedestrians and drivers to avoid future casualites in Hawai'i. Don't forget to always make eye contact with drivers while in a crosswalk; and always wear bright and reflective clothing while walking at night.
Mahalo to Hawaii Department of Transportation for keeping the public informed & congratulations to all the keiki's who particiapted in the pedestrian safety poster contest!

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The First Lady and I were proud to be a part of the blessing ceremony of the new Hale Kula Elementary classroom building. This morning we got to tour their brand new and facilities in Schofield Barracks. Congratulations to the teachers, faculty and staff on kicking off this new school year with a fresh, new and exciting start!
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