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Hawai‘i’s Blueprint for Public Education focuses on 21st century skills. Our innovation economy depends on a well-educated workforce.

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To provide housing for Hawai‘i over the next several years, the state housing agencies will continue to leverage state funds and reduce regulatory barriers to increase the inventory of affordable housing.

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Preserving our ʻĀina

The Sustainable Hawai‘i Initiative focuses on protecting our waters, preserving our land and increasing food production for our communities.



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David Ige

Governor David Y. Ige was sworn in as the eighth governor of the State of Hawai‘i on December 1, 2014. He became the fourth native-born Governor of Hawai‘i and first governor in the United States of America of Okinawan descent.

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8 hours ago

Governor David Ige

The Hawai‘i Department of Health has received an $8 million federal grant over a two-year period to continue to combat opioid misuse in the state. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) last week announced it awarded more than $1 billion in opioid-specific grants to help states combat the crisis in the nation.

“No state is immune from this public health issue,” said Dr. Bruce Anderson, director of the Hawai‘i Department of Health. “This grant provides another step in a positive direction for Hawaiʻi to implement HHS’ comprehensive five-pronged strategy to address opioid misuse across our islands.”

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State of Hawaii Department of Health-Disease Outbreak Control Division

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11 hours ago

Governor David Ige

We are making progress and creating lasting change for Hawaiʻi. From real progress on affordable housing to airport modernization, a new state hospital facility, a long-awaited Hawai‘i island highway, and new projects such as free public Wi-Fi hotspots across the islands, my administration is committed to creating change for the better. These changes prove we can move forward as a community when we all work together.

Last month, the Department of Health (DOH) officials, area legislators and I broke ground for a long-awaited 144-bed psychiatric facility at Hawai‘i State Hospital for forensic patients sent there by the court system. In 2016, the Legislature supported my urgent request to build a modern facility that addressed the over-crowded patient conditions.

We’re well aware of the challenges the State Hospital faces. Together, we took action and are doing something about it. The $140 million contract calls for a team led by Hensel Phelps to design and build the new facility. The building is expected to be ready for use in 2021.

State health officials said the new facility will incorporate clinical best practices and create a modern therapeutic environment — all within a secured area. “Mental health is as important as our physical well-being,” said Dr. Bruce Anderson. DOH director. “The new building represents our state’s commitment to improving mental health care in our community.”

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Hawaiʻi imports nearly 97% of its beef. My administration has taken action on several fronts to make the transition to diversified agriculture possible, including preserving thousands of acres of prime agricultural land statewide for food production and coordinating water-related policies. We are also revitalizing dairy, egg and livestock production. These are game-changers for local food production and a way for us to reach our goal of doubling food production by 2020.

Kunoa Cattle Company is a Kaua‘i-based ranch with the state’s largest USDA-inspected slaughterhouse on O‘ahu that produces grass-fed beef from 2,000 cattle. Named “Best New Business” in 2017 by Pacific Edge, its co-founder Bob Farias is a third-generation rancher who combines healthy grazing practices with sustainable systems.

“We’re assembling the pieces for a foundation we can take into the future,” said James Nakatani, executive director of the Agribusiness Development Corporation. “With the threat of climate change and new federal food safety regulations, we’re focusing on sustainable, “green,” energy-efficient technology and strategies that can benefit farmers statewide to increase productivity and create jobs.”

For more on other ag food production in Hawaii, visit: bit.ly/2pl0iV6

Learn about the Sustainable Hawaiʻi Initiative at bit.ly/2k8ABES

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2 days ago

Governor David Ige

Those two projects are about getting more efficiency and housing production from state lands. They also take advantage of public-private partnerships where the private sector can bring more capital investment to the project. It’s clear as a state we haven’t been producing enough housing to meet demand, so we have to look at innovative ways to make use of the lands we have. The School Street project will provide affordable rental housing for seniors. The Mayor Wright redevelopment is about creating a broader community of rental units for all incomes, with a park, stores, services and gathering places for families.

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