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Hawai‘i’s Blueprint for Public Education focuses on 21st century skills. Our innovation economy depends on a well-educated workforce.

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To provide housing for Hawai‘i over the next several years, the state housing agencies will continue to leverage state funds and reduce regulatory barriers to increase the inventory of affordable housing.

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The Sustainable Hawai‘i Initiative focuses on protecting our waters, preserving our land and increasing food production for our communities.

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Governor David Y. Ige was sworn in as the eighth governor of the State of Hawai‘i on December 1, 2014. He became the fourth native-born Governor of Hawai‘i and first governor in the United States of America of Okinawan descent.

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Under my leadership, the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance is strongly urging Congress to protect the U.S. Department of Energy from massive funding cuts proposed by the Trump Administration.

I hope congress will restore this critical funding. No matter what happens at the federal level, Hawaiʻi will continue to fight climate change by cutting carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

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This past weekend, we celebrated the completion of Kahauiki Village with hundreds of volunteers of the project. I am happy to report that 105 people who were on the streets now have roofs over their heads thanks to Duane Kurisu, our volunteers, the city and many others. We have much to do but this is a good start. #HiGov #HelpHomelessFamilies ... See MoreSee Less

The state’s goal is to lead the nation in emergency management, and Gen. Hara’s report is comprehensive and covers the major requests in my Executive Order. As a result, I consider this to be the final report, and there is no need for an additional report in another 30 days.

However, this is an enduring process – meaning, we will continue to confer and plan with emergency managers at all levels of government. A missile attack is an act of war, and collaboration with the federal government is essential.

The report identifies a breakdown in leadership and management at the Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency, and we are actively seeking a new administrator who will build the team that will implement the recommendations in this report.

Gen. Hara’s report includes a number of observations and recommendations, including a request for funding. I’ll be asking the Legislature for more than $2 million right now to build capacity. It’s all about the safety and security of the people of Hawaiʻi.

We need input and the participation of everyone – individuals, families, businesses, the whole community – to get involved in disaster preparedness.

This is uncharted territory, and we are using this experience to vastly improve our strategic planning and disaster preparedness. As we take the action steps described in this report, we will become a stronger, more resilient community.

Report: dod.hawaii.gov/blog/news-release/fma-final-report/

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We are moving forward with a strategic vision that enables emergency managers in Hawaiʻi to identify gaps and vulnerabilities for handling all hazards. I’ll be asking the Legislature for more than $2 million right now to build capacity. It’s all about the safety and security of the people of Hawaiʻi.

General Brigadier Kenneth Hara stated, “The report is written by and prepared as a roadmap for emergency management planners. It could be used as a guide to help reshape how emergency management is organized and how resources are prioritized and allocated to respond to any hazard efficiently and effectively.”

The report:

Focuses on preparations for any disaster, not only ballistic missile threats
Identifies the need to prepare a Strategic Plan for Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) and update the All Hazards Catastrophic Plan to include a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Annex
Recommends including all emergency management stakeholders in the planning process to address gaps and vulnerabilities that exist today
Confirms and agrees with Gen. Oliveira’s findings from the investigative report

Other key details include:

A complete comprehensive annex or plan to address the Ballistic Missile Preparedness threats had not been fully developed prior to commencement of missile alert siren testing and internal missile alert drills, nor had a risk assessment been conducted.
There is a misconception that Gov. Ige and other elected officials are primarily responsible for timely warning and notification. The responsibility to identify requirements for the existing alert system and rapid notification remained with HI-EMA.
The State Warning Point’s established Ballistic Missile Alert Checklist did not have a step to notify the HI-EMA Public Information Officer (PIO). The missing key step to notify the PIO contributed to the delay in rapidly informing the media and public.
Observations point to the improper management of HI-EMA. HI-EMA senior leadership lacked awareness of personnel issues within the SWP.
Key observations and recommendations include:

Conduct comprehensive review and assessment of organizational roles and performance
Make needed improvements in technological capabilities
Enforce current statutes and executive orders dealing with emergency management
Develop and deliver training and education programs for the public, government leaders, and EM employees
Based on this roadmap, Gov. Ige is:

Enhancing our strategic capabilities to respond and recover from any hazard
Building and putting capacity into place; this includes asking the Legislature for funding
Placing renewed emphasis on individual, family and community preparedness

The report also recaps previous, worst-case threat analyses that would impact Hawaiʻi’s response and recovery efforts to a catastrophic event.

The full report is posted online at dod.hawaii.gov/blog/news-release/fma-final-report/

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