It is important we recognize the value of protecting our fresh water and the need for maintaining the critical infrastructure that allows us to enjoy reliable and clean water service.

Commonly, breast cancer is seen as a disease affecting only women. However, this misconception can delay diagnosis and treatment in men, which can have dire consequences.

Energy efficiency offers a variety of benefits to our State, and there are many different ways Hawai’i families and businesses can make smart energy choices.

Plasma donors and plasma protein therapies can save and improve many lives as they can increase quality of life and extend life expectancy.

Broadband services are essential infrastructure for the 21st century and play an important role in providing access to knowledge and opportunities from communities locally and around the world.

Fire Prevention Week serves to remind people to check their kitchen for fire hazards and use safe cooking practices so that everyone is more prepared and more likely to survive a fire.

Domestic violence is a serious, widespread and hidden societal problem that affects 10 million adults in the United States each year, regardless of race, age and income. As many as one in four women are victims of domestic violence.

Safe Sleep Practices and education on infant safe sleep for parents, grandparents, relatives, and childcare professionals are crucial in order to prevent Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths or SUIDs.

Manufacturing Day gives the opportunity to learn about what manufacturing is and what it is not, and celebrates the many contributions of the state’s manufacturers to our dynamic community and thriving economy.

Disability Employment Awareness Month means we recognize the unique characteristics, talents, and contributions that individuals with disabilities bring to our communities and our economy.