Ke Ala Hou: A New Path Forward: Governor’s Message

Posted on Feb 28, 2023 in Featured, Main

Welcome to our administration’s inaugural monthly newsletter!

It is titled Ke Ala Hou – A New Path Forward. This publication represents one of the ways we hope to combine community and communication, to keep you informed about what your Executive Branch of government is doing and to help you stay more connected. We plan to share news that reflects our administration’s priorities, along with the good things happening in our community that are important for Hawaiʻi’s future. It is our hope that these pages will shine a light on what we do and why we do it. The names and faces you will see in this publication are your friends and neighbors; their stories tell the tale of the State of Hawaiʻi working hard for you. As we shared in our first State of the State Address, we are poised for change through bold action over the coming years. Our vision is one of statewide unity as one ʻohana, where we take on the challenges we face with new ideas, fresh solutions, and decisive leadership rooted in shared values. We must act with a sense of urgency to fulfill our kuleana.

Mahalo for the honor of serving as your Governor,


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About the Newsletter Design:

Created by longtime local design firm Eric Woo Design Inc., the newsletter header, or nameplate features symbolism that represents the title, “A New Path Forward.” The background color transitions from dark to lighter green as a metaphor for moving toward a goal, or light. The lei encircling our major islands represents both the giver (Governor Green’s Administration) and the recipient (the people of Hawai‘i) and shows the connection guided by affection and respect. The repeated, orange triangular ‘ohe kapala design visualizes a path to the future and reflects that forward movement is rarely perfectly straight.