Ke Ala Hou, A New Path Forward – July 2023 Governor’s Message

Posted on Jul 3, 2023 in Featured, Main, Newsroom

Since the end of the legislative session in early May, we have signed more than 80 bills into law that work to create safer communities, increase opportunities for educational equity and diversity, restore faith in government, increase access to health care, protect our environment and natural resources, and improve the overall quality of life for the people of Hawai‘i.

While we aren’t quite done enacting new laws yet, in this month’s newsletter, you’ll learn more about a few of the bills we’ve signed into law and what they seek to accomplish. Many align with the priorities we set from the get­go, which include housing, health care, homelessness, education, and the environment.

We really want to extend our gratitude to the Senate and House leadership, our legislators, as well as the many community organizations, advocates, and businesses for their incredible work throughout this process. It takes many hands, minds, and hearts to affect true change for our state. We hope that through our work together, fueled by our shared passion for a better Hawai‘i, that we can serve as a role model for other states and future generations.