PSD’s Office Takes Strides Toward a Healthier Workplace

Posted on Nov 30, 2023 in Main

Photo courtesy: PSD

The Department of Public Safety (PSD) Keoni Ana office became a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite® on October 31, 2023, demonstrating its commit­ment to improving employee well-being. A company or department earns the certification by creating an environment where employees flourish and make healthy choices. According to the Blue Zones Project, being a Blue Zones Worksite translates to higher emplo­yee performance, reduced long-term healthcare costs, reduced healthcare risks, stronger employee engagement, and higher morale and retention.

To achieve this significant milestone, the Keoni Ana office met various benchmarks including, accumulating at least 78 out of 137 points documenting evidence-based best practices, like encouraging at least 25% of building employees to participate in a wellness activity/workshop, tracking three metrics/outcomes relating to health and wellness, and creating a sustainability plan toward long-term
well-being development.

Inspired by a Health and Wellness Fair that PSD conducted in May and the results of the RealAge Test, Keoni Ana employees collectively set a goal to become Blue Zones-approved. In add­ition to walking groups they formed, they attended lunch-and-learns on health and wellness, and implemen­ted changes to their office environment to encourage healthier living.

Deputy Director for Administration Melanie Martin led the charge. She has been a wellness champion since 2018 when she began working with Blue Zones Project Hawai‘i’s Worksite Lead Cyrus Howe. With the support of PSD Director, Tommy Johnson, PSD plans to continue well-being strategies beyond Keoni Ana to its facilities across the islands.

“PSD is committed to the health and wellness of its employees,” said Johnson. “The Blue Zones Project approval is just the beginning of PSD’s journey to providing a healthy work environment for its staff who work tirelessly to serve the public.”