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(HONOLULU, HI) – The 20-member Hawai‘i Climate Commission voted today to support Governor Josh Green’s proposal to create a $100 million climate fund to continue guiding the state’s adaptation and mitigation efforts to combat climate change.

The Commission’s statement on climate impact fund legislation reads: “The Hawai‘I Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission stands in full support of the Climate Impact Fund. The proposed legislation is a continued commitment by the State and the Legislature to address the climate emergency declared by the Legislature in 2021 by investing significant funds and resources to leverage the historic federal funding to address climate change. This further demonstrates the State’s seriousness in addressing climate mitigation and adaptation actions and empower State, County, and non-governmental organizations to take climate action now.”

The Commission was established by law in 2017 and has representatives from the legislature, county planning departments, leaders of executive branch departments, and coastal zone management experts.

The fund would be stewarded by the Commission and housed at the DLNR and Glenn identified four areas of usage for the fund.

  • To leverage historic federal matching funds for climate action
  • Provides year-around source of funding for government and communities
  • Facilitate better coordination between communities and agencies
  • Receive donations to address climate issues from non-government organizations

On the last point, Glenn said, “A lot of people care about Hawai‘i and when we’re in the national or international news they reach out and want to help. The fund provides the flexibility in accepting that assistance.”

Commission Co-Chair Dawn Chang, the DLNR Chair added, “Our support for the fund is consistent with the Commission’s commitment and the measures it has taken in the past.”

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(All images/video courtesy: DLNR)

HD video – Hawai‘i Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Commission meeting (Feb. 16, 2023): https://vimeo.com/799697967

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Photographs – Hawai‘i Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Commission meeting (Feb. 16, 2023): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wow8j8kkeri5fom/AAAk5QT5UEERqnMkI_1g6a4ca?dl=0

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