News Release: Hawai‘i Department of Health Issues Red Placard to Café Mambo in Pā‘ia

Posted on Mar 16, 2023 in Latest Department News, Newsroom

PĀ‘IA, HI – The Hawai‘i Department of Health (DOH) issued a red “Closed” placard to Café Mambo to protect public health. The restaurant, owned and operated by Betham Pacific LLC, is located at 30 Baldwin Avenue in Pā‘ia.

 The food establishment must remain closed until all violations are resolved and the health department allows the restaurant to reopen to the public. During a routine inspection conducted on March 14, 2023, the DOH inspector observed critical and non-critical food safety violations including:

  • Roaches present throughout;
  • Kitchen doorway entry of flies and risk for entry of other pests; and
  • Lack of proper temperature control for cold food storage.

The health department is requiring the food establishment to take the following corrective actions before it will be allowed to reopen:

  • Professional pest control treatment to eradicate the pests;
  • Pest service invoices provided to the district inspector;
  • Deep cleaning to eliminate all potential pest food sources; and
  • Screening at the kitchen doorway to reduce pest entry when the door is left open.


A follow-up inspection is scheduled for March 17, 2023.  

To view restaurant inspection reports, go to

For more information on the department’s placarding program go to


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