Office of the Governor – News Release – 263 Bills Signed into Law by Governor Josh Green, M.D.

Posted on Jul 12, 2023 in Latest Department News, Newsroom, Office of the Governor Press Releases

HONOLULU, HI – Governor Josh Green, M.D., has enacted 263 of the 274 bills passed during the 2023 legislative session.

As of July 12, Governor Green hosted 18  bill signing ceremonies covering topics from good governance, affordable housing, destination management at state parks, to protections for victims of domestic violence, traffic safety, and cost of living.

Governor Green also signed more than 100 additional bills, separate from the ceremonial signings in his public office.

Governor Green issued 11 vetoes on July 7, due to serious legal and programmatic concerns.

He thanks legislative leaders and key stakeholders for helping pass important legislation for our state’s priorities. “While this past session was chaotic toward the end, the Hawaiʻi State Legislature still managed to support major areas for our residents. Critical funding was passed to shore up our statewide health care system, address housing and homelessness, take on climate initiatives, and lower the cost of living for residents. “We’ve balanced the budget and I look forward to executing on the successes of last session,” said Governor Green.

Today, five bills became law without Governor Green’s signature. While Governor Green may not fully support this legislation, these bills will become law without his signature because on balance, they are more beneficial than objectionable, and reflect strong stakeholder support for these measures.

These bills, with summaries, are as follows:

  • SB45 SD1 HD2, Relating to Minors, which will be enacted as Act 259
    • Description: Allows minors 16 years of age or older and emancipated minors to petition for domestic abuse protective orders.
  • HB161 HD1 SD1 CD1, Relating to Collective Bargaining, which will be enacted as Act 260
    • Description: Establishes that the representative of labor on the Hawaiʻi Labor Relations Board shall be a person selected by a majority of the exclusive representatives of the collective bargaining units.
  • HB717 HD1 SD2 CD1, Relating to Nepotism, which will be enacted as Act 261
    • Description: Prohibits, under certain circumstances, state employees from appointing, hiring, promoting, or retaining relatives and household members and from making or participating in certain other employment-related decisions and from awarding a contract to or otherwise taking official action on a contract with a business if the employee’s relative or household member is an executive officer of or holds a substantial ownership interest in that business.
  • HB923 HD1 SD1 CD1, Relating to Bonds, which will be enacted as Act 262
    • Description: Requires (1) counties with a private activity bond issuance program to exhaust their allotment before applying to the state for the state allocation and (2) the state, if it receives a county allocation, to award that same amount to project or projects in that county.
  • HB1359 HD2 SD2 CD1, Relating to Hemp, which will be enacted as Act 263
    • Description: Repeals redundant regulations on hemp production; recognizes the unique constraints of Hawaiʻi farmers; permits the licensure of hemp producers to sell hemp biomass; establishes of the Hawaiʻi Hemp Task Force.

In total, Governor Green, in his term to date, has enacted the following laws for the people of Hawaiʻi:

  • Affirming reproductive rights
    • Good Government Grouping Part 1 (7 bills)
    • Firearms Bills (2 bills)
    • Vaping Bill
    • Hāʻena State Park Bill
    • Domestic Violence/Sex Assault (8 bills)
    • Child Welfare Bills (7 bills)
    • Affordable Housing and Homelessness (10 bills)
    • Health Care Access (13 bills)
    • Good Governance Part 2 (19 bills)
    • Tax Credit Bill and the State Budget
    • Education and Early Education Bills (11 bills)
    • Agriculture Bills (11 Bills)
    • Clean Energy and Climate Bills (6 bills)
    • Beaches and Shoreline Bills (11 bills)
    • Traffic Safety Bills (7 bills)
    • Kūpuna and Disability Access Bills (13 bills)

Bills enacted into law by Governor Josh Green, M.D., may be found on the Hawaiʻi State Legislature website.

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