Office of the Governor – News Release – Gov. Green Approves Broadband Equity Access and Development State Match Plan

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April 26, 2024


HONOLULU — Governor Josh Green, M.D., today approved the use of $33 million in state funds for the state match plan for the Broadband Equity Access and Development (BEAD) grant program. Eight programs will be funded with this grant which will have a statewide impact on ensuring Hawai‘i’s goal toward universal broadband access. 

Total funding for the BEAD program is expected to be $205,091,121 with $144,484,493 coming from the federal government, $46,356,628 coming from state government, and $14,250,000 being made available from private and in-kind sources. It is expected that the Legislature will make available $13,356,628 this legislative session. These funds will be programmed once they are made available.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, access to broadband is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity,” said Governor Green. “The BEAD grant will advance our collective efforts to create a more inclusive and digitally empowered Hawai‘i.”

The BEAD grant program represents a crucial step forward in Hawai‘i’s efforts to bridge the digital divide. This statewide initiative focuses on building broadband infrastructure for “last mile” connections, aiming to deliver high-speed internet access to areas where such connections are currently unavailable. Moreover, the program aims to enhance service resiliency between internet service provider networks, homes, and Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) in communities with unserved and underserved locations. 

With each county designated as a project area eligible for investment from this program, BEAD is poised to make significant strides in expanding broadband access and promoting digital equity across Hawai‘i. A detailed listing of these programs and their funding amounts is attached.

“One of the BEAD programs is the Challenge Process program, which is an opportunity for Hawai‘i to create the best possible map of high-speed internet access across the state,” said University of Hawai‘i Chief Information Officer Garret Yoshimi. “Participants will submit evidence through a map-based web portal to identify locations without high-speed internet connection. Information from the Challenge Process will be used to deploy infrastructure to locations in the state without access to high-speed internet.” More information can be found here.  

Governor Green also secured an additional appropriation of $13.3 million from the Legislature, which is pending final passage. This funding boost will bring the state’s match for the BEAD grant up to the requisite level of $46.3 million, ensuring Hawai‘i’s continued progress toward universal broadband access.

Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke, who was tasked by Governor Green to lead the Connect Kākou initiative said, “the Legislature’s action to ensure the state match in funding fulfills an integral component of the administration’s statewide initiative – allowing Hawai‘i to draw down $150 million in federal funding to connect unserved and underserved communities. These types of partnerships and collaborations between the administration, the Legislature, industry partners and communities across the state will ensure that all residents have access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet.”

The BEAD grant is part of a national $42.45 billion high-speed internet infrastructure program funding for 50 U.S. states and territories. The funding is a pivotal component of Hawai‘i’s strategic vision for equitable access to broadband services which aims to bridge the digital divide and bolster connectivity across the islands. With this infusion of funding, Governor Green reaffirms Hawai‘i’s commitment to providing all residents, regardless of geographic location, socioeconomic status, or background, with reliable and high-speed internet access.

“These additional state funds will empower the Hawai‘i Broadband and Digital Equity Office (HBDEO) to effectively pursue its key objectives in bridging the digital divide. By facilitating access to digital devices, internet connectivity, and comprehensive digital literacy training, HBDEO aims to equip our most marginalized and underserved communities with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to flourish in the digital age,” said Chung Chang, strategic broadband coordinator for the Hawai‘i Broadband and Digital Equity Office, which supports digital equity initiatives across the state.  

The impact of this funding extends beyond immediate connectivity improvements, contributing to long-term economic development, educational opportunities, telehealth services, and government efficiency. By harnessing the power of broadband technology, Hawai‘i is positioning itself as a leader in digital innovation and equitable access nationwide.

As Hawai‘i continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, Governor Green remains steadfast in his commitment to ensuring that every resident has the tools and resources they need to thrive in the 21st century.

 For a description of BEAD funded programs, click here

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