Office of the Governor – News Release – Governor Green Extends Emergency Proclamation on Wildfires

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State continues to support survivors with housing and recovery


January 5, 2024

HONOLULU — Governor Josh Green, M.D., today signed the Ninth Emergency Proclamation on Wildfires (EP) to extend and facilitate state support for the recovery of the people of Maui.

Key portions of the EP will continue to:

  • Enhance housing opportunities for displaced Maui residents by allowing condominium owners and associations to house displaced residents in excess of time limits in governing documents.
  • Encourage hotels, motels, and condominiums to make units available for the housing of those displaced by the wildfires by exempting such housing agreements from landlord-tenant statutes unless specified in a tenancy agreement.
  • Ease the burden of wildfire survivors who need to obtain records and evidence of identity, property, and individual rights from the State Archives Division, by waiving fees for copying, certifying, and other services.
  • Allow liquor licensees of premises that are no longer in operation due to the wildfires to transfer their operations to a new premises within the County of Maui under temporary licenses or permits, provided that the licensees and their operations were in compliance with liquor laws before August 8, 2023.
  • Exclude dairy and non-dairy milk, ice, and rentals of motor vehicles from the list of commodities subject to a prohibition against price increases on the island of Maui.

The renewed EP will be in effect through March 5, 2024, unless terminated or superseded by separate proclamation, whichever shall occur first.

An executed copy of the EP is attached.

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