PSD NEWS RELEASE – Thirteen new sheriffs graduate from law enforcement academy.

Posted on May 26, 2023 in Latest Department News, Newsroom

HONOLULU – Department of Public Safety (PSD) and Department of Law Enforcement (DLE) officials, family members and friends today gathered at the State Capitol Auditorium in Honolulu to witness the graduation of the Law Enforcement Recruit Class (LERC) 22-02 for Deputy Sheriffs. Thirteen new deputies were added to the Sheriff Division and will be assigned to positions across the state.


The new deputies were presented with graduation certificates, followed by the recitation of the Oath of Office and the Sheriff badge presentation. A family member was picked to pin the badge on the new Deputy Sheriff.


In the spirit of Act 278 (SLH 2022), PSD and the DLE also hosted a criminal investigator from the Department of Taxation (DoTAX), who attended the full law enforcement recruit class. He received a certification of completion. DoTAX will also have two additional investigators included in upcoming class which is set to begin in July.


“The recruits endured six months of intensive physical and academic training to get to this day as newly sworn in members of the Sheriff Division,” said State Sheriff Mark Hanohano. “On behalf of the Division, I extend my congratulations and wish you well as you begin to carry out your duties to keep our community safe.”


The recruits were trained in more than 1,000 hours of academic instruction and practical testing in constitutional and criminal law, ethical uses of force, physical fitness, traffic enforcement, firearms and physical control tactics. 


Student awards for Top Gun, Physical Fitness, Leadership, Academic Average and the Distinguished Recruit were also handed out to the recruits who ranked at the top of their class in those areas.


The new deputies will be sent out to work in various positions throughout the state. Eight will be assigned to Oʻahu and 5 to Hawaiʻi Island.


“The Sheriff Division carries out law enforcement services statewide. Its mission is to uphold justice and promote public safety by providing law enforcement services to Hawaiʻi’s communities with integrity, professionalism, and fairness,” says Public Safety Director Tommy Johnson.

Pictures, video, and sound bites from today’s ceremony can be found here:

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