Emergency Proclamation Relating To Housing

Emergency Proclamation Relating To Housing

Emergency Proclamation Overview 

The Proclamation Relating to Housing was first signed by Governor Green on July 17, 2023. On September 15, 2023, Governor Green signed the second Proclamation Relating to Affordable Housing, which aims to facilitate the development process and empower stakeholders to contribute to the creation of affordable housing for Hawaiʻi residents. The Proclamation reflects extensive input from state and county agencies and community stakeholders. The second Proclamation is a continuation of the groundbreaking and visionary work launched by the Green Administration and the many housing stakeholders in Hawaiʻi to eliminate the barriers to developing affordable housing. Read more here on the changes in the second Proclamation Relating to Affordable Housing.  

Second Emergency Proclamation Relating to Affordable Housing (September 15, 2023)

Emergency Proclamation Relating to Housing here. (July 17, 2023)

The Proclamation prioritizes the many state and county affordable housing projects, which aim to create thousands of new low-income and workforce housing units throughout the state. For questions regarding this Proclamation and the Build Beyond Barriers Working Group, please contact the Governor’s Office on Housing at [email protected].

Build Beyond Barriers Working Group

The Build Beyond Barriers Working Group (BBB), is dedicated to accelerating affordable housing development through stakeholder collaboration. This group will not engage in policy-making or regulatory changes but will focus on facilitating affordable housing projects. Its main tasks involve monitoring and coordinating various affordable housing projects, assessing housing regulatory agencies’ workloads, and certifying projects for construction. In addition to affordable housing, certified projects can include infrastructure development and brownfield sites with a strong emphasis on fair wages for workers throughout the project’s duration.

August 11, 2023, Build Beyond Barriers Kick-Off Meeting Materials.

August 29, 2023, Build Beyond Barriers Meeting Agenda, meeting materials, Revised Testimony, and Late Testimony. 

September 26, 2023, Build Beyond Barriers Meeting – Canceled

What is a housing emergency in Hawai‘i:

Hawaiʻi has the most expensive housing prices in the United States because we have failed to sufficiently build homes for our residents. Our current housing shortage has led to a crisis of increasing homelessness and migration to the mainland which threatens our ‘ohanas and way of life across Hawaiʻi.



Hawai‘i’s pipeline for upcoming housing developments:

Through conversations with county-level housing directors and developers, our team has created a comprehensive database that we are using to actively track housing developments statewide. Please see below for a summary of our current pipeline, which we will continue to update as projects progress under the Emergency Proclamation.


Project Spotlights: 

We have also developed a list of current housing developments that can immediately benefit from provisions under the Emergency Proclamation, as listed below.